Wednesday, April 28

my fanfic trailer [don't blame me if I love you]

nehh!! annyeong everyone!! I just very happy because today I had my fanfic trailer already!!
I was requesting from Wonder Binnie's art and this is the trailer!!

it's good, isn't it?? so, if you want to know the story.. please open the fanfic page on the advertisement..
and click don't blame me if I love you in my story. that's great!!
I'll be waiting for your comment. gomawoyoo.. ^^

Tuesday, April 20

my drawing!! ^0^

neh, annyeonghaseyo!! this is achungg again. kekeke~
I just don't know what to do right now..
but since I love to draw.. I draw something!!
hope you like it.. so, NEED COMMENT!!
or I won't drawing anymore..
so, this is the picture...

oh yeah! I forget to say that you have to tag us at the c-box when you visiting or web. gomawoyo.. ^^

promote this web!

everyone! if you dont have any works to do, just help me to copy paste these sentence to the comment page of someone stories.
I'm working alone, so please help!


HI!! this is achungg_maniacs from SooHyun's art!
I promise to you that this is not an advertisement.
I just wanna ask, who wanted to be the staff of this web?
we need:
-Graphic Designers
-Oneshot writers
and if there's any trailer maker I also ask you to join us.
we still have our soft opening.
this is our link:
so come if you pass by! thanks!